More than 60% of Urban Indians are facing the problem of being overweight. There is always a new product, a new clinic, a new diet program or a new online schedule coming up every year, making it a billion dollar industry. But there is a very good way of battling your and others obesity problem and simultaneously make money in the process.  Just read the following instructions, do some research and start making money.


Firstly do some changes in your lifestyle and save money. A penny saved is a penny earned. Ideas for change:-


  1. Avoid outside foods, it is just for taste and not for health, try having your complete meals at home and carry your food at work or outside. Home cooked food is fresh, high on nutrition, light on stomach, with lesser fats and definitely reasonable than outside food. In cooking your food at home you will engage more of your time and efforts. Try experimenting on dishes, innovate something healthy in this process. Make a website and post your story with recipe of healthy dish, it’s surely going to help others. Your regular posts on new recipe will attract more and more traffic and you can earn through advertisements. In this whole procedure you will be subconsciously working on your own weight loss.


  1. Instead of commuting through transportation, walk or cycle around. It will sound inconvenient for most of you but at least you can do one outing by foot, make a target of 2-3 kms walk anytime of the day. It is difficult in beginning but rewarding in long terms. With the traffic conditions in our cities you will see that time taken for short distances is almost the same and you are saving a lot on your fuel expenses. Daily walking will do wonders to your body; you will start loosing weight, become more energetic, be in great shape and will also save a lot on your medical bills.


  1. There are many good products in market for weight loss, know them. Consult a doctor about it and use it on yourself. As soon you see some results you can start with marketing of that product. There will more people than you think who are facing the same problems, identify them, suggest the product, discuss the result on yourself and get a profit cut or commission from the company. Initially it may take some time but in long run you will attract more customers. Not only your consumption of that product is free but also you will earn from it.


  1. Start an exercise program in a nearby gym or park. Be regular and work for results, consult the expert on exercises best for you. In the process of working out, design your own program and discuss with the trainers, they will surely guide you. Be committed and show results to others, most of the neighborhood will seek your assistance. Make it professional, discuss a time and space with your gym management and start training others. Seeing you as an example of successful weight loss many people would be interested in your classes. You can directly charge from them or get paid from your gym. Not only in this task you are maintaining yourself at no cost but also making money.


There is always an opportunity in misery, find it.


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