Many people have this inborn talent to pick up a girl but they may not be good at explaining their skill. Most of us assume that we are destined to be only good friends with them or no chance. Don’t be sad, read and develop the art.



Don’t think that girls are only at pubs, discs or party. They are on the streets, store, in your class, everywhere you go

Be Original: obviously you will be going after a pretty girl and to compliment her is a waste of time. You know it, already hundreds have said the same thing to her and it’s nothing new for her. She would probably appreciate it but she won’t find you interesting. Instead make or choose a pick up line with humor, little sarcasm and most importantly original and involving her. Boring and predictable start with complimenting her appearance.

Be Yourself: when you are around with her don’t be extra concerned or caring at least don’t demonstrate it. Girls like you to be yourself and treat them the way you do with your friends. Show your concern but avoid being over the top for ex: in a party she asks for a chair, don’t just rush around jumping, be cool and look around if you see one get it otherwise just be there. Rushing around at one call never works.

Keep Talking: One difficult but successful style is to keep her engaged in your talks. Don’t try the direct interview technique like, what do you do? What’s your pastime? What are your hobbies? Sounds boring for her instead turn the questions into statements like,  you have a great dressing style, I am sure you are into Fashion Styling.

Phone Game: After a few minutes, if things seems cool in between the high of your conversation ask her phone number saying it was great talking and you would like to keep in touch as of now you have to get back to your friends. If she gives then great and if not then crack a joke like she would be missing the most important connection of her life. Still not confident then at least ask her email but work hard to make the connection.

Making the call as the first thing next morning may not look normal rather it shows you as desperate. Instead start with a Text Message few minutes after your conversation. Every step you take should be natural and not a desperate effort.

Make her hear different about her: when you talk to her the next time on phone or in person give her a nickname with something related to your conversation last time. For ex: instead of say “hello ………(her name), we met at the arty the other night” just say “hey pretty, it’s me” and then be spontaneously interesting with the conversation.

Don’t be in Haste: Too much of calling or texting initially will make you look too eager for something obvious. Instead play safe and wait her for her response but don’t disappear completely from the scene.



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