We spend half of our lives sleeping and most part of that time you are with your wife. Ever thought about a pattern in your sleeping positions with her? Scientist believes that there is definitely a connection between the sleeping position and relationship with your wife. By studying the patterns scientist have identified few common positions and their meanings.

Nevertheless, if you don’t sleep with your wife in the most intimate way, it does not mean that your affection is lessening; perhaps it’s only a phase or environment. Now let’s look how your sleeping position signifies your relationship.

Sailing Away: If your wife is sleeping in the furthest side of the bed, this could be a sign that she is not going on too well with you. This can be a subconscious ways of showing that she is definitely not happy with you. However don’t be worried at the same instant and search for other signs in your daytime. If there is a problem then discuss and work it out.

The Envelope: If your wife is sleeping face to face in a deep enveloping position where both of you are trying to hug each other in every possible way then CONGRATS on your marriage. This position is the most popular with couples who have just met or married. This position reflects how subconsciously you both are passionate to fuse each other, to be as close as possible, to be sincere to each other. But honestly speaking this position is really not comfortable.

The Scoop: In this position either or your wife is lying behind other’s backside with one arm around you/her. It’s an erotic style where genitals are against buttocks and will be more enjoyable if you sleep naked. It also gives security and closeness in maturity. It reflects that you both are with each other for quite a bit but still are deeply in love. It shows that you care about your wife and when you turn she forms the same sleeping position with you just from the other side. Good going folks!

Loose Touch: This one is similar to Scoop but the difference is that your wife keeps some distance with you. Nevertheless, there is always a contact between you two by a knee, or hand, or a foot etc. This position is pretty common in couples who have been together for like 5-6 years but still care each other. Your wife is satisfied and confident as you have been fine till now and she can let you little loose for a comfortable night sleep.

These are very general positions and doesn’t necessarily means as above. You or your wife can have different sleeping habits, you both can sleep in different rooms and still be most passionate lovers. Just read the signs and if something is wrong, talk it out, atleast you guys are still under the same roof. So now observe your sleep in night and understand her.




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  1. dulceest says:

    Love touch; lol (:
    I find this very true.

  2. Kartikey says:

    got it dulceest 🙂

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