Kingfisher Airline fraud by Flight Booking Portals

The sticky situation involves a scheme under which travel portals offer the cheapest airfares available on a given route. The catch is that the name of the airline on which the air ticket has been booked is disclosed to the buyer only after he/she makes the payment for the non-refundable ticket.


The said portal and others continue to offer the scheme. With domestic airfares at an all-time high, the question facing flyers is whether these schemes work or are they a scam? “I booked three air tickets on 12 February on the Mumbai-Patna route for travel on April 20 under’s super saver airfare scheme. After the amount was paid, I was told that I have been booked on Kingfisher,” said Ashok Kumar, a HR professional. Last week, he checked with Kingfisher and found that the airline had stopped operating the flight he was booked on. “When I enquired with, they told me the fare will be refunded. That is not the point. I have been cheated, I trusted the portal. They should book me on another airline,” said Kumar.

Like Kumar, there could be hundreds of passengers who unknowingly booked on Kingfisher under this blind-booking scheme only to find later that their flights have been cancelled.


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