Wierd but true…..

Two Nebraska children who set fire to the bed where their mom and her boyfriend were sleeping might have been inspired by “Tom and Jerry” cartoons, say cops.

The 12- and 10-year-old siblings from Omaha poured gasoline around the bed while mom and boyfriend were asleep and set it afire.

Westbook was critically burned. The kids had been watching “Tom and Jerry,” cops said.

This guy knows how to occupy a street.A Mullinville, Kan., resident has declared himself owner of the street in front of his house, and set up barricades around “his” property.

Mullinville abandoned a stretch of Elm Street in 1908, but reopened the road in 1949 — without making the change official.

This city, and everything in it, is for sale.

Officials in Izumi-Sano, in southern Japan’s Osaka Prefecture, say their burg is so broke, they will lease naming rights to any company willing to pay.

Everything from the town’s name and slogan to labels for city hall and even roads will be up for grabs.


A British bride and groom were stunned to find themselves greeting Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip after their nuptials.

“It was surreal,” bride Frances Canning, 44, said.

Her groom, John Canning, jokingly invited the queen and her consort after learning they’d be in town on their wedding day.

Formally, they were turned down — but the Queen’s staff secretly arranged for her to meet the couple on their big day.


The world’s top-paid soccer star has been drawn into the Syrian government’s propaganda war.

Lionel Messi, star for the team in Barcelona, Spain, was accused by a TV station aligned with Syria’s Assad regime of signaling smuggling routes to rebels in the way he passed the soccer ball on the field.

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  1. bobmortland says:

    Dang those Tom and Jerry. Bad role models!

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